Maik Derksen

The project I’m working on, called Snowball, investigates the interplay of cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) and cerebral ischemia. The hypothesis regarding this interplay is that the pathological consequences of CAA are accelerated by cerebral ischemia, and vice versa. In order to investigate this hypothesis, two research models are combined, namely a model of Alzheimer’s disease in which CAA development occurs, and one of ischemic stroke. Elucidating the effects of CAA and stroke on the brain, and on recovery and outcome, is of great importance to the patient population affected by these conditions. MR imaging allows us to look at the influence of CAA and stroke on the blood-brain barrier, hemodynamics, cerebrovascular reactivity, and edema and hemorrhage. Combining these results with those of cognitive and behavioral tests, will give us new insights into the interplay of CAA and cerebral ischemia on multiple levels.